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NHS Missed & Short Notice Cancellation Policy

At Zen Clinic we try to avoid lost or wasted clinical time so that we are able to treat patients and accommodate emergency appointments. Lost clinical time still incurs clinic running costs and staff wages.
If you are unable to make an appointment we ask that you kindly give us 24 hours notice by telephone, so that we are able to offer your appointment to other patients in need of treatment or emergencies. We do understand that circumstances can arise and we will be more than happy to re-arrange your appointment for another day.
Zen Clinic follows a fair 3 strike policy. If you miss your appointment or give a short notice cancellation without 24 hours notice, on the third occasion we do reserve the right to de-register you from our patient list. To help remind you of all appointments we do offer email and text reminders, so please update your details with reception.

NHS Non-Attendance Policy

At Zen Clinic we strive to give the best possible patient care and our dentist will advise each patient with a recommended recall appointment, in line with NICE guidelines. This could be as short as 3 months or as long as 2 years – or up to 1 year if you are under 18. Due to NHS funding we are unable to continue treatment for patients who do not attend routine appointments within the recommended time. To remind you of rebooking your routine appointments we will contact you by phone, email or letter. It is your responsibility to ensure we have your correct contact details. We reserve the right to de-register patients with a non-attendance of over 2 years. Further appointments will then be offered on a private basis.

Missed & Short Notice Private Dental and Hygiene Appointments

Due to Such High demand for appointments this policy has became stricter.  All Private appointments which is marked as a failed to attend or short notice cancellation will incur in a fee worth 50% of the booked treatment along with an additional 50% of the re booked treatment. For a hygienist appointment should you short notice cancel or fail to attend a second appointment you will be charged 100% of the Hygiene fee along with an additional 100% fee for an upfront booking.

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