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Consultant Neurologist ( Dr. Giles Elrington )

Giles has 27 years consultant experience, largely in Colchester and London. He is comfortable advising on all the conditions seen in a neurology clinic. He has particular expertise in headache and migraine having established and run a specialist clinic at the London Hospital where he was also part of the MS team and participated in clinical trials both in MS and in headache, including pivotal trials for Botox in migraine, and disease-modifying drugs in MS.

Botulinum toxin experience from 1990 allows Giles to offer therapeutic botulinum toxin for all indications other than in the bladder: that is chronic migraine, dystonia, hemifacial spasm, spasticity, and under-arm sweating.

Giles offers also greater occipital nerve blocks for primary headache and anti-CGRP antibody injections for migraine.
In over a quarter century consultant experience Giles has seen over 32,000 patients including 10,899 patients with headache and facial pain, 5817 with attacks or seizures, 1645 with sensory symptoms, 1523 with tremor or shaking, 1167 with cerebrovascular disease (including stroke and TIA), 1215 with Parkinson’s disease and 886 with multiple sclerosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from my GP or specialist?

No, unless this is a condition of your insurance. I would not however see a patient against the wishes of their GP.

How many consultations do I need?

Most diagnoses can be achieved in a single consultation. Some patients return to obtain the results of investigations such as MRI scanning, and some re-attend for treatment.

What is the cost?

A first consultation is normally £250, follow up £150. The major insurers have negotiated fixed fees. I am content to negotiate fees before, not after consultation. If you are using health insurance, please check this with your insurer before the consultation.

What does it cost for Botox?

The same cost as for a normal consultation plus the cost of the toxin

Do I need to prepare for the consultation?

You should have an idea of what you want to get out of the consultation before you attend. If you have had any tests, please bring the results with you. Scans such as MRI or CT are best provided on disc, which sometimes needs a password.Make a list of the medications you are taking, or have previously taken for the main problem. Written lists can become overworked and overlong however it is helpful to have a think about what you want to say, before you attend

Should I bring anyone with me to the consultation?

You’re welcome to be accompanied, subject to Covid-19 rules.
If you have a problem with memory or with speaking then you should be accompanied by someone who knows you well and can describe the problem.
If you have had attacks or episodes of lost or altered consciousness then a witness description is essential. This is normally better achieved face to face, than on the telephone. Written attack descriptions can be unhelpful, but a diary of attack dates can be very helpful.

What happens during the consultation?

Please be on time. There is plenty of parking. At the booked time I will meet you in the waiting area and invite you in to the consulting room. I will ask you to describe your symptoms. When you have done that I will ask further questions to be sure I have understood your case properly. It is helpful to try to give clear answers; e.g .to the question ” When did your symptoms begin”, “about a year ago” is more informative than “before I quit work”! I will examine you, this does not require undressing and takes only a few minutes. Then I will tell you what I think, and answer your questions. I may order tests, and may recommend treatment. I will write a detailed report to your GP and any other relevant doctor, with a copy to you.

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Price List

Initial Consultation £250.00
Follow up appointment £150.00

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