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Dental Hygiene & Prevention

Dental Hygiene & Prevention

At Zen Clinic we believe that one of the most important aspect of dental care is a visit to the hygienist. To enable the highest standards of dental care the prevention and maintenance of gums is critical. The UK has a very high incidence of gum disease in the population, most of which is under diagnosed or simply untreated.

We recognise that patients with good healthy gums that are well maintained have less dental treatment, and this keeps the cost of treatments down.

Diseases of the gums are also an indicator of other systemic disorders. Routine dental and hygiene visits include a comprehensive examination including oral cancer screening.

Zen Clinic offers a 30 minute Hygienist appointment for a full and comprehensive visit. Tailored advice and treatment is provided to every patient.

We recommend a hygienist visits for teenagers where appropriate, e.g. during orthodontic treatment or high risk decay.

We offer dietary advice were indicated so that we are able to avert any damage early in life.

We also offer sealants to prevent decay in children’s teeth.

Our hygienist and therapist are all trained and qualified to provide teeth whitening procedures with Philips Zoom, Air Polish with Flash Pearl, and HELBO photodynamic therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need Helbo treatment?

  • Have sore, inflamed or bleeding gums
  • Know that gum disease runs in your family
  • Have an infection in your gums
  • Do not want to or cannot take antibiotics

How does Helbo treatment work?

  • Your dental hygienist or dentist will place some gel on the affected area before shining a light inside your mouth for a few minutes. The gel is coloured so you may have some
  • discolouration in your mouth for a few hours following treatment.
  • You’ll be asked to book a follow up appointment for approximately seven days time.
  • At your follow up appointment your dentist or dental hygienist will check the treatment has killed all of the bad bacteria. In most cases you will only need one treatment and will see results within seven days.

Is it painful?

Helbo treatment is non-surgical, 100% safe with no side-effects and painless

What is Flash Pearl?

FLASH pearl® is a safe, highly effective powder applied to your tooth using a Prophy-Mate neo by a Hygienist or Dentist. This combination cleans your teeth perfectly without damaging the surface.

What are the benefits of Flash Pearl?

The FLASH pearl® powder is designed to roll smoothly over the tooth surface, leaving no area untouched, helping to make your smile sparkle. The spherical shape of the FLASH pearl® granules lessens the likelihood of damage to teeth and gums, removing stains, plaque and calculus quickly and safely.

FLASH pearl® is gentle and natural tasting, giving you a fresh-mouth feeling like never before!

Do I need to be a registered patient to see the Hygienist?

Direct Access
From 1 May 2013, Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists are permitted to treat patients without a prior examination by a dentist. This means that Zen Clinic can now welcome patients requesting the services of the Dental Hygienist/Therapist without having to be examined by a dentist prior to the appointment.

For new patients to the practice who just want to see the Dental hygienist, the patient will be required to fill in an up to date medical history and a consent form for treatment. The patient will have a regular hygienist appointment and the standard fee will be payable at the end of the appointment.

For patients who regularly see our dentists it is no longer necessary to have a prescription from the dentist before having a hygienist appointment.

Please be aware of the following important notes regarding direct access to the Dental Hygienist:

Whether or not to accept direct access patients is up to the hygienist/therapist. Not all hygienists may wish to do this and, if they would prefer to continue to work under the direction of a dentist, they have every right to do so

They must work within the extent of their training and must not undertake duties for which they have not been trained

If a hygienist identifies an issue whilst performing their duties, they may recommend a referral to a dentist. You should bear in mind that hygienists and therapists do not have the same training as dentists and a trip to the hygienist does not remove the need for periodic examinations by a dentist

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Price List

Single Hygienist Appointment £60.00 20-30 minute appointment
Flash Pearl - Air Polish Treatment including single hygienist appointment £90.00 30 minute appointment
Helbo disinfectant laser treatment ( one arch ) £175.00 30 minute appointment
Helbo disinfectant laser treatment full mouth £280.00 1 hour appointment

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