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Ear Microsuction from Kept Hearing Ear Wax Clinic – now available !

Tue 10 2020
  Microsuction is a safe, syringe free and pain free wax removal method using a microscope. We offer a before and after picture or video of your ear canal on request. Our registered and insured Audiologists have over ten years experience ...

Boosting Immunity Naturally

Fri 08 2020
We can do more to protect ourselves than wearing external protection of gloves and masks and washing our hands to prevent infection we can also build ourselves a stronger internal immune system to assist the fight against incoming pathogens. Ou...

Zen Acupuncture – Meet Amanda

Tue 07 2020
Amanda Jane Mills BSc Hons, Lic Acupuncturist, MBAcC Services include Acupuncture for Dentistry and Oral health Acupuncture & Auricular acupuncture including specialist treatment for Womens Health and Gynaecology. Cosmetic Facial Acupunct...

Srijana has Graduated !

Mon 07 2020
  A week ago Srijana had graduated and became a fully qualified dental nurse, the happiness and kindness she brings to Zen is immense and reflects on our patient care even more ! Here at Zen we like to think of all our colleagues as fam...

COVID 19 – Temporary Policy/Protocol

Tue 06 2020
  Please take a minute to read our guidance and advice on how we implement retaining the virus from spreading. Below are bullet points stating the changes we have made along with instructional information in reference to the administra...

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