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COVID 19 – Temporary Policy/Protocol

Tue 06 2020
COVID 19 – Temporary Policy/Protocol


Please take a minute to read our guidance and advice on how we implement retaining the virus from spreading. Below are bullet points stating the changes we have made along with instructional information in reference to the administration of the patient journey.

  • If you have arrived early by car please wait inside your vehicle until your appointment Is due. If you have travelled by any other means of transport please wait outside the Clinic until your appointment is due.
  • Please wear a mask if you can !
  • Once entered the Clinic, please use our sanitation station immediately.
  • When a member of staff has called you forward A short survey shall be carried out by our team, to risk asses for COVID- 19
  • Please update us of any sudden change in medical history/ we shall ask this anyway.
  • Obey social distancing and keep two metres apart. (please observe signage throughout the Clinic)
  • Please Do not touch anything in the Clinic (reading material has been removed temporarily)
  • Future Appointments shall be made inside the dental suite rather than reception when in the clinic.
  • Wherever possible please make payments by credit card.
  • We would appreciate that any enquiries on specific services to be sent via email at [email protected] or [email protected]  you can also have a chat with us on 01206 762417


Please be aware that the situation surrounding the virus is changing daily. Our COVID-19 Policy/Protocol may change on a daily base, so please revisit this page if you are returning to the clinic on numerous occasions within a short period of time.

Thank you for taking your time to read through our guidance, we look forward to seeing you at your appointment.

Kindest regards,

Michael Suryavansi
Practice Manager

Email: [email protected]

work: 01206 762417 (ext 4)

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