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Boosting Immunity Naturally

Fri 08 2020
Boosting Immunity Naturally

We can do more to protect ourselves than wearing external protection of gloves and masks and washing our hands to prevent infection we can also build ourselves a stronger internal immune system to assist the fight against incoming pathogens.

Our immune system is compromised of the lymphatic vessels, organs and glands.
The Tonsils, Spleen and Bone marrow play important roles in production of the White blood cells (lymphocytes, Dendritic cells,T Cells) in lymphatic fluid that act against invasion of bacteria and viruses.
The movement of lymphatic fluids also assist in the removal of fats, toxins and broken down pathogenic cells, these elements need to be removed from the body to prevent blockages in the system but it does not have its own pump to circulate in an auto regulated way like the heart is for the blood vessel circulation, it is only achieved through peristaltic movement and occurs at a much slower rate than blood movement.

Ways to improve Lymphatic circulation
* Gentle exercise such as 20 mins walking every day.
* 10 mins a day on small rebounder exercise trampoline.
* Dry skin brushing with a wooden bristle skin brush, techniques can be found on the internet, with brushing movements from feet and hands along limbs and torso upwards towards the Heart.
*Alternative therapies such as Acupuncture where treatments can be designed by selecting acupuncture points on the body to improve the functioning abilities of the lymphatic system via strengthening and nourishing the Bone Marrow, Spleen and Lung, also by promoting circulation. Acupressure on the selected points is an alternative to needles for those who do not like the idea of them

Ways to improve Immunity
*Eating fresh fruits and vegetables to increase mineral reserves necessary for immunity
*Detoxifying diet for a short term will assist in clearing and cleaning the tissues in the organs to maximise potential for the lymphocyte cells function.
* Vitamin D , absorbed naturally through sunshine or with a supplement, is necessary as a binding agent for the activity of conversion to calcitriol so the Immune fighting T-cells can function effectively.
*Adequate Sleep and Rest -Sleep deprivation effects our immune system as it lowers antibody production and lowers immune response.
* Alleviate Stress and worry-Causes the body to release Cortisone , the hormone of fight and fright and takes it toll on the energy of the Adrenal glands. Ways to be calm during stressful times such as concentrating on taking deep full breaths and expanding the lungs fully to the maximum inhalation possible then exhale completely, do this for a few minutes. Also consider simple Yoga and Tai Chi movements ,Mindfulness and meditation to bring the body back to calmness.

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